White Paper
Monetizing Energy Assets for Data Centers

A complete guide for earning revenue with demand-side energy management

The data center industry’s recent push toward a more efficient and sustainable future comes at a serendipitous time when energy markets around the country are working to reduce demand via energy efficiency investments and to integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) onto their energy grids in an attempt to diversify their fuel mixes.

Data Centers with distributed resources at their facilities like backup generators are in prime position to reap significant financial benefits by working with a properly licensed company that can help them monetize their existing energy assets.

This paper offers a detailed explanation of how a data center can monetize its existing energy assets with demand-side energy management.

We’re also going define what demand-side energy management is and the many types of programs and practices that comprise it. In this explanation, we’ll take a close look at the evolving energy industry in the US with an emphasis on the growth of DERs and the role they play and will continue to play in North America’s fuel mix of today and tomorrow.

By Danielle Bond
CPower Senior Engineer

Nate Soles
CPower National Accounts Executive

Ray Berkebile
CPower Senior Director of Engineering