White Paper
The Evolution of the California Energy Market

California always seems to be at the center of innovation. When it comes to sustainable and renewable energy goals, it continues to deliver by leading the evolution of our nation’s energy mix away from finite sources that dominated the 20th century to the renewables that are poised to fuel our world today and in the future. Achieving the state’s ambitious renewable energy goals, however, involves changing the way California procures, distributes, and uses energy.

In this white paper, by CPower’s Jennifer Chamberlin, CPower’s Executive Director for the California Market, aims to present a clear picture of the integral roles demand response and demand management will play as California leads our nation’s push toward a sustainable energy future. Ms. Chamberlin discusses how the state’s largest electric utilities (SCE, PG&E, SDG&E) and California’s grid operator (CAISO) have evolved demand response in the Golden State to maintain the flow of reliable electricity to the areas that need it most. She also examines how demand management practices are combining with distributed resources like energy storage to help alleviate grid stress and curb volatile electricity prices.

Most importantly, Ms. Chamberlin outlines the current and future state of California’s energy landscape in a way that arms organizations and businesses with the facts and insights needed to make sound energy management decisions.