Data centers have a unique opportunity at this pivotal moment in energy’s history. 

That’s because the energy assets most data centers in the US currently possess have the potential to help the grid as it transitions to a cleaner, more dependable, and sustainable future. 

Data centers that provide these flexible energy resources when the grid needs them can earn significant revenue and help the environment while optimizing their own infrastructure. 

In this book, we’re going to explore and explain the specific ways demand-side energy management can and should become an integral component of any data center’s infrastructure management strategy. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover on our journey include:

  • The current state of the grid as it transitions to a cleaner future
  • Distributed energy resources in a data center’s arsenal
  • How demand-side energy management (DSEM) helps data centers optimize their infrastructure, improve their carbon footprint, and earn money in the process 
  • Energy efficiency opportunities for data centers (and how to monetize them)
  • Demand response for data centers (and how to earn revenue by using less electricity)
  • The importance of testing backup generators under load
  • How to assess if your data center is a prime candidate for DSEM (chances are, it is.)

Let’s take the first step across the bridge to energy’s future…together.