The 2019 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America is a market-by-market analysis of the issues and trends the experts at CPower feel organizations like yours need to know to make better decisions about your energy use and spend.

We’ve taken the pain out of painstaking detail, leaving a comprehensive but easy-to-understand bed of insights and ideas to help you make sense of demand-side energy’s quickly-evolving landscape.

Your questions answered.

  • How will California’s drive to be at the forefront of the renewable revolution continue in 2019?
  • Does Texas have the ideal energy market for both the grid and ratepayers?
  • Will shifting political winds in Ontario bring drastic changes to the province’s energy market?
  • Why are New York’s progressive energy policies poised to rival California’s? 
  • How has PJM’s market evolved to deal with year-round grid stress?
  • How will the new changes in New England’s energy market construct affect prices and reliability in 2019 and beyond?

CPower's team of energy experts

will guide your organization through the intricacies of each market so your organization can leverage its existing energy assets so they can be optimized for savings and monetized for earnings.