Utility Demand-Side 2021: A Commercial and Industrial Guide to Earning, Saving, and Managing Energy this Year

February 18, 2021
1:00 CT, 11:00 PT

Across the US, electric utilities are introducing and/or expanding demand response programs to help reduce demand peaks in their service territories. That means organizations life yours have an opportunity to earn revenue for using less energy and for helping the grid stay reliable. 

In this webinar CPower’s Peter Bergeron and National Grid's Paul Wassink will give you an insider’s view of the emerging demand response programs and reveal how your organization can earn revenue by using less energy in times when the utility’s electrical demand is approaching its peak. 

In this webinar you will learn how your organization can: 

  • Prepare for energy management in 2021 
  • Utilize programs to help you reduce energy cost and generate revenue 
  • Learn key energy tactics and strategies from others in your industry 
  • Understand important regulatory news that can impact your energy plan 
  • Gain insights into energy storage and DERs in your market and industry