2021 State of Demand-Side Energy Management in PJM

October 28, 2021 2 PM EST
2 p.m.- 3 p.m. ET

The square-off between individual states and the ISO continues to ruffle feathers on both sides. In this webinar, Ken Schisler and CPower’s PJM team will examine the core issues of the rift as well as how key regulations such as FERC Order 2222 are impacting the largest wholesale energy market in the world.

This webinar is part of CPower’s annual State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America series. To learn more about the series or to register for other webinars for different US energy markets click here.

Topics include:

  • How the PJM is working toward compliance with FERC Order 2222
  • Demand Response testing changes for 2023/24
  • The continuing saga of the Minimum Price Offer Rule (MOPR)
  • How operating reserves are affecting the PJM market
  • Frequency Reserve Regulation and its impact on PJM’s capacity market
  • And more!

With With Ken Schisler, Bruce Campbell, Dann Price, and Rocco Venuto