Earn Money by Saving Energy - Exclusive Offer for Illinois and Michigan Businesses

Energy costs are a significant expense. In today’s competitive economy, it is essential to reduce costs while maintaining operational efficiency. That’s where demand response comes in.

Sometimes, the demand for energy outpaces the grid’s ability to supply it, causing brownouts or blackouts. When the electric grid is stressed, demand response helps businesses across Illinois and Michigan get paid for conserving energy while keeping the lights on for everyone. Instead of producing more energy at great expense to consumers and the environment, the grid operator can balance the grid by reducing the amount of electricity being consumed when demand exceeds supply.

By turning businesses like yours from passive consumers to active producers and managers of clean energy, CPower is creating the Customer-Powered Grid™ that strengthens the grid when and where it’s needed most.


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Participating facilities reduce their electric consumption according to a pre-determined curtailment plan and receive compensation for their efforts. This may include individual processes and activities like dimming lights, turning down air conditioning or heating, or shifting operations to a different time, for example. Many of our customers use their demand response payments to reinvest in other operational or sustainability initiatives.

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When our grid is resilient, so are our communities and our economies. We are turning the idea of traditional supply-driven grids powered by utilities and grid operators on its head to maintain power for your business and across our communities.

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When electricity demand on the grid is high, fossil-fueled peaker plants are turned on to meet demand. By leveraging energy assets that are already available, we can reduce the release of carbon emissions from the burning of fuel.

Join us - thousands of organizations across all sectors in the Midwest are already earning with CPower.