CPower is the first registered provider to help businesses and organizations earn up to 30% more revenue than through existing grid services programs.

Offered by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the Distributed Energy Resource & Aggregation Participation Model (DERPM) enables large energy users to simultaneously provide wholesale services to the grid operator and retail services to utilities and load servers by aggregating distributed energy resources (DERs) of at least 10 kW into virtual power plants (VPPs) of at least 100 kW. DER aggregations can include resources such as small-scale solar arrays, batteries, electric vehicles and curtailable loads.

The first program of its kind in the country, the DERPM gives large energy users new market opportunities by letting them access existing markets as if they were a power plant. For example, customers can access capacity, energy and ancillary service markets under the relevant rules for each. Large energy users such as commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses could not access NYISO’s attractive real-time energy markets until now.

CPower leads the way for DERs in the Empire State

As the first registered aggregator for the DERPM, CPower can help C&I customers maximize the benefits they receive from helping the New York grid. CPower is the nation’s largest DER monetization and VPP provider, with ~7 GW of capacity across more than 27,000 customer sites in the U.S.

CPower makes DER monetization simple and rewarding for C&I customers by enabling them to efficiently earn revenue and reduce energy costs for keeping the New York grid balanced. Energy users with automated technology are particularly well-positioned because the state’s grid operator incentivizes customers to respond to a request for help within minutes.

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